Bath Removals Storage Tips

Bath Removals Essential Storage Packing Tips

  1. The use of sturdy boxes, masking / heavy duty tape, bubblewrap, portable wardrobes, newspaper, blankets and covers will protect your goods whilst in storage.
  2. Ensure that you fill every box to their full capacity – partially packed or overpacked boxes may tip or even collapse.
  3. Remember to label your boxes clearly – room by room – which will ensure the arduous task of unpacking is a little easier, in addition, should you need to find something in storage you will easily know which box to start looking for.
  4. Don’t forget to clearly write in huge letters ‘THIS WAY UP’ and ‘FRAGILE’ on boxes (in Permanent marker so the writing does not rub off) containing breakable items.
  5. Choosing smaller boxes for heavy items like books and plates will make your boxes easier to lift, and larger boxes for lighter items such as curtains, duvets and bed linen.
  6. Books should always be packed flat, not on their spines, largest and heaviest at the bottom and lighter / paperbacks higher up the box.
  7. Avoid using cheap bin bags as they are very prone to ripping and lack ventilation – which can cause mildew to blossom on fabrics, curtains, etc
  8. Fit more clothes into your space by hiring or buying a vacuum storage system (or Vacuum cleaner) that actually sucks air out of specially designed  bags – available in most DIY and department stores.
  9. Dismantle items of furniture down into smaller parts as tables and bed frames can usually be disassembled, making them smaller to store.
  10. Stack your container or storage unit with the heavy boxes first at the bottom, with the lighter boxes on top – remember to face your labels forward!

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