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Home Removals and Storage Tips from Nightingale Bath

Start to think a more than a month in advance

  • Decide on a date and book your house removal date as far in advance as possible!
  • If required book Container or Short Term Storage with us
  • Think about eating your frozen food – Food Manufacturers and the Trade Association advise against moving freezers in a frozen state or packed full with frozen food. Please note that freezers in a frozen state or full with food will be moved at your own risk. One option is to wrap contents in layers of newspapers and transfer to cooling boxes (or similar) whilst transporting.
  • Prepare a list of fixtures you are leaving in the house – light fittings, bulbs, curtain rails etc

Around 3 weeks to go

  • Get out the pen and paper and list everything in your garage. Have a garage sale?
  • Clear the loft (unless you have booked our team to assist). Sell unwanted items on eBay?
  • Are you a cat or dog owner? Remember to arrange pet sitting on the day of your move, or think about transportation carriers.
  • Dismantle self assembled furniture (unless you have booked our team to assist)

You have 2 weeks until your moving date

  • Do you need professional help to disconnect your gas appliances
  • Remember the washing machine drum will need securing too
  • Call up your utility companies to read your water, gas, electricity meters and arrange for your landline telephone to be transferred
  • Drain fuel from lawnmowers and similar fuel driven motor powered items

24 houBath Removals storage company Nightingalers notice

  • Defrost all refrigerators / freezers (Please refer to our earlier notes)
  • Prepare plants for transit and check on your pet arrangements to avoid last minute changes
  • Prepare labels / A4 sheets of paper for the rooms in your new home to enable the removals team to navigate through the property with the labelled boxes
  • Label a box as ‘KITCHEN FIRST’ and pack your teabags, coffee, sugar, biscuits and kettle so you can enjoy a cup of tea after your hard work without searching for everything in different boxes


Moving Day

  • Secure your new house keys, valuables and passports / ID and carry them personally with you into your new property
  • If your possessions are to be stored, remember to retain important items – passport, driving license, etc. Do not put perishable or flammable items into storage – Read our Storage Solutions page and contact us for advice
  • Before the Nightingale removals van departs, double check that nothing has been forgotten – this is your responsibility
  • Agree a time of arrival at your new property and ensure you are there with the keys before the removal van
  • Label all rooms and direct the Nighingale Removals team to position your furniture and items in your new house

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