Office Relocation Tips Bath and Somerset

Moving house is a huge task – however relocating your entire office can be a headache regardless of the amount of computers, telephone systems, furniture and office equipment that needs moving.

Avoiding Downtime At Work

The main issue with relocation is the down time for your company, where you can’t get online to handle emails, answer phones or greet customers in person. Here’s some tips to ensure you have a successful and smooth office move:

Planning Comes First

Obviously, begin with finding the new property and arranging the dates of the move then goes onto booking your removals company.

Search for new office properties on our sister website Nightingale Property Sales and Letting – give them a call with your office requirements and desired location area on 0117 905 1151 or 01934 614400.

Nightingale provide commercial removals with a proven track record since we were established in 1957. We always recommend obtaining two or three quotes to compare both price and services offered before making your decision, we have total confidence that the price and expert removals services are premium for your peace of mind.

bath removals storage somerset nightingaleNew Office Layout

  • Plan the layout of your new offices ahead of time and label all packing boxes clearly with black marker pen.
  • Decide to sell or dispose of old office furniture or order new items to be delivered directly to your new address.
  • Are your staff are going to help in the move? Or would you prefer for a professional removals company to handle the entire day? Nighingale offers a complete packing service as well as move everything for you.
  • Consider confidential files that are ready for safe disposal, or use the Nightingale Storage Services (short and long term)

The Big Moving Day

As moving day approaches, ensure your customers know the date. Inform them in advance how long the business is likely to be down and have an emergency system in place – perhaps a mobile number manned by one designated person for the duration of the relocation.

Moving property can be a chance to do some new advertising for your business – for example the ‘We Have Moved!’ concept. Contact your local newspaper and remember to update your Google Business to ensire your Maps listing is up to date.